SKHU - Summer School

An international summer university and a professional day have been organized by the Eszterházy Károly University in collaboration with Pavol Josef Safarik University.



The International Summer University of "Remote Sensing Methodologies in Agriculture" was organized by Pavol Josef Safarik and the INNOREGIO Knowledge Center of Eszterházy Károly University on July 2-4. The aim of the Summer University was to provide the participants with up-to-date knowledge of the spatial and remote sensing methods used in the agricultural sector. The participants of the training were the students of Eszterházy Károly University and Pavol Josef Safarik University. The lecturers were from the higher education-, authority- (National Agricultural Research and Innovation Center), and the corporate sector (KITE Zrt., Amores Robotics Kft.). Students who completed the training received an adult training certificate.

Thanks to the TOKAJGIS (SKHU / 1601 / 4.1 / 052) project, on July 5 a remote sensing day was organized. Researchers from the Partner Institutions (Pavol Josef Safarik University, Eszterházy Károly University) discussed the possibility for future cooperation between the two universities and the unification of the current project databases, also the difficulties and issues related.