Agricultural land use basic research in Eger

In this interdisciplinary geographer, ecologist, meteorologist and historian colleagues helped the work of the research group.


The target is the implementetion of a complex agricultural land use research by combining the landscape history researches with landscape geographical, plant ecological and agricultural climatical examinations. For this purpose, we targetted the implementation of the following tasks:

  • Exploration of growing areas and habitats, where the native fruits could be preserved based on the past land use.
  • Identification of isolated flora and collection of scions through the field survey.
  • Setting up a nursery based onthe scions.



Our research is focused on long-lived species of apples and pears. Furthermore we do the assessment and species identification on quince, plum, cherry too. But in the case of these species – because of the short age of the trees – the chance to protect these native species is less.