Model region Eger - WebGIS

In the project named Complex examination of the potential usability of renewable natural resources in light of climate change to establish an energetically sustainable model region with Hungarian-German cooperation" (TÁMOP 4.2.2/A-11/1/KONV-2012-0016) the GIS database of Eger region has been prepared.



Researchers of the Eszterházy Károly University have been working on a regional development conception since 2010, which could provide a sustainable economic and energetic basis for Eger and its region. Sustainability can be interpreted in many ways, but it does not mean only to solve environmental protection issues. However, our scientists thought that a stable economy and society could be made by having development objectives based in local resources. The primary base of this goal is the regional energy supply, which based on clean technologies. To reach these purpose it is necessary to define available renewable energy potential of the region, identify constraints, and classify the local real estate in the aspect of energy, in addition to get information about socio-economic characteristics of urban region. The listed factors form together the base of regional potential's development.


Complex approach was required to lay down the basis of the targeted basic research in the aspect of regional development. Partners having great experience and acclaimed achievment in this field have involved into the research. Our choice was the Environmental Meteorology and Regional Development Institute of University of Kassel, because they have research results in the field of sustainable regional development at international level. Their excellent reference is the "100% Energieregion Nordhessen 2020" project. The purposes of the project are similar in many aspects with the purposes of our research in Eger region. A NordHessen 2020 complex regional development initiative prepared the structural change of the targeted area's energy system. Several settlements from the northern part of Hessen province have become self-sufficient in energy by using renewable energy sources under the project.



The scientific results of the project will be available in a web-based GIS (Geographical Information System) - WebGIS_Energy_region. Maps and tabular databases will be available on the website as well, which could support the targeted area's real estate owners, property buyers, enterprises and regional self-governments from the aspect of energy. The GIS based energetic database of buildings has been developed with Bástya Építész Kft. Beside the survey of renewable energy potential, this database can be considered as the greatest novelty of the project. The database can provide significant help for the comprehensive energetic development of districts as well, since the database includes the buildings' estimated energy demand, energy sufficient characteristics and the rough costs of modernization.