Nowadays unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) are in their golden age, commonly referred to as "drones". Their use is diverse, ranging from races to scientific and military use.

Our drone service portfolio is well complemented by our related research directions, establishing our experience which provides a solid basis for processing and evaluating recordings.



- DJI Inspire 2 UAV -

- DJI Zenmus X5s Camera -

- Parrot SEQUOIA multispectral camera -

- ArcGIS 10.4 -

- Pix4Dmapper Professional -




- orthophoto -


Photo interpretation is a process during which aerial images of terrestrial objects are digitized and georeferenced, thus they are equivalent to reality in every aspect.
During automated segmentation, we sort special objects based on the given parameters and estimate their area and extent (wood cadaster, game damage survey, etc.).



- 3D modeling -


We also undertake, upon request, the production of a high-definition digital surface (DSM) -, and terrain models (DTM).
With these, slope gradient, slope length, exposure, runoff etc. can be calculated.
Furthermore, this approach is also suitable for surveying buildings and neighbourhoods.



- agricultural survey -


Index maps (NDVI, RVI, DVI, GNDVI etc.) are produced based on multispectral recordings, which can be used to infer to the quantity of vegetation, composition, supply of nutrients, diseases, and other characteristics.

- marketing photos and videos -


Using a DJI Zenmuse X5s camera we can take 4K/20mp recordings. These high-resolution aerial photos can become a great addition to our customers' marketing efforts. 4K quality clips are the perfect base for any kind of video content.





The size and detail of the object to be mapped, the resolution of the mapping, determine the cost of service.

Thus we make a personal offer for each order.


For our additional services, please take a look at our sub-sites: laser scanner; photogrammetry; GNSS.



If you are interested in our services or have any questions, please feel free to contact us