We use a Faro Focus M70 and a ZEB HORIZON laser scanner which are suitable for imaging both external and internal spaces.

During the process, the device scans its surroundings using laser beams. Depending on the purpose of the mapping, the point density can be adjusted. At medium setting, the average dot density is 6.1 mm at 10 meters.

Panoramic images taken with the 360 ° real-colour camera makes it possible to produce colourful point clouds.





- architecture -


The technology can quickly and accurately measure interior spaces and facades of buildings, showing its current state with millimetre accuracy. This greatly eases and shortens the survey of buildings.

The assembled and cleaned point clouds can be used by architects in the software they use during the designing phase, therefore they can spend more time on it.



- conservation of monuments -


In the case of monuments, the problem is with the inaccuracy of the original plans or the complete lack of it. In this case, the scan taken from the monument provides a precise and realistic 3 dimension digital "model" to the restorers by the point cloud provided. The monuments mapped in this way can be displayed in an "online digital museum".





- building wine cellar / cellar expansion -


It may be a problem, especially when expanding the cellars of the wineries, how neighbouring cellars are positioned relative to one another. Mapping the individual cellars and the surface provides an accurate spatial picture so the expansion can be designed easily and accurately. Technology is also suitable for designing the joining of cellars or cellar branches.



- evaluation of accident sites -


Thanks to the scan, an accident site can be reconstructed easily and freely at any time. This helps the authorities and anyone affected to make the right decision.



- mining -


By evaluating a mine's shafts, the amount of raw material extracted can be estimated with approximate accuracy, and mining engineers can get an accurate picture of how each shaft is positioned relative to one another. The latter can help in preventing accidents by consciously designing new shafts.

Of course, technology can be used not only for mines but also for mapping natural caves.


- entertainment industry -


The creators of (animated) movies and video games are fond of using "models and characters" based on three-dimensional laser scanned models. There is a very simple reason for this: technology captures reality. Therefore, the "models and characters" are more realistic.





The size of the object mapped (the number of positions used to capture) and the detail of the scan (dot density) is hugely determinant.

Thus, for each order, we can talk about personal tariff.


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