MapHunter is a mapping service, in which the customer is prepared a map showing the jurisdiction of a hunting party of their own choice. The map database contains the following items:

  • the external border of the hunting area
  • the boundaries and names of the given hunting safety areas
  • landmarks (e.g. hunter’s stands, feeders)
  • linealobjects(e.g. drive paths, pathways)
  • roads (e.g. agricultural, forestry)
  • other (according to customer's request).




  • the general management of the area under the jurisdiction of the hunting party
  • the assessment of the hunting infrastructure
  • the planning of infrastructure investments (design and/or renovation of stands, feeders, etc.)
  • designing hunts and drives
  • the orientation of guest hunters.




All orders receive a personal offer based on customer requirements.


The completed map is handed over to the customer in digital (*.* pdf) format, which can be copied and printed in the any size. On request, our organization is also open to additional unique requests, such as determining the GPS coordinates of landmarks using a high-precision GNSS device. And we also can do ortophoto for your basic map with drone.


If you are interested in our service or have questions, feel free to contact us!


Our reference map prepared for the Szomolya-Bogács Hunting Association illustrates 
the quality and detail of each field object displayed . 

Please click on the image to enlarge.