SFSC of the North-Hungarian Region

The goal of the research is the locating of the short supply chains of the seven most significant cities of the North-Hungarian region (Balassagyarmat, Salgótarján, Hatvan, Gyöngyös, Eger, Miskolc and Sárospatak), their geoinformatical interpretation in the aspects of economical geography and environmental management, especially regarding of the examination of the economical and environmental conditions of the production, processing and marketing of raw materials.



The target groups of the research are small and primary producers, micro and small enterprises, who have continuous product range, unique corporate identity and brand, and meets the producer qualification criteria developed during the research. Further aspect is the examination of the role of the target groups in sustainability, local economic development and rural development, in which the economic, environmental conditions and potentials associated with the use of local resources are determined. Producers of food products are given special attention, because their production is most over-represented in the local products.

As a result of this research, a GIS database of qualified producers will be created, which will enable the establishment of short supply chains in practice at city-level or even regional level.


Eger's 40 km SSC zone on public road and airline (Made by: Szabolcs Balogh)